The Wild Grey Fox Store

Opening in 2017, the Wild Grey Fox flagship store is located in the beautiful town of Greytown, Wairarapa, just over an hour north of Wellington, New Zealand.

Our Greytown store will be closing permanently on Sunday 17th October 2021.  

The store dedicates the complete range of Wild Grey Fox products, including Nikki McIvor’s original artwork on display.

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You can find us located next to The French Baker and Wild Interiors, 81 Main Street, Greytown.

Wild Grey Fox Barn

Our dear friend Gary Johnston recently bought the iconic barn and the surrounding land on the north end of Greytown.

He did so to stop the prime farming land being subdivided for housing, to save the barn and to give something back to the community.

We are very happy to be associated with this project and look forward to using part of the barn for storage and possibly a studio. Our contribution is helping him to plant the perimeter in oaks and to make the barn watertight.

The barn was formerly known as Wong’s Barn, and has now been re-named Wild Grey Fox Barn. We’re working on putting up more information about it and its history on our website. In the meantime, Cobblestones Museum in Greytown has some good background information.

Gary would like people to know that they are welcome to have their wedding photos taken at the barn, as it has become a bit of a tradition.

Take care when entering the property as it’s at the end of the 100km zone.

 Wild Grey Fox nikki mcivor art in greytown new zealand
 Wild Grey Fox nikki mcivor art in greytown new zealand