About Willow:

 “Willow is a Fallow fawn and this drawing is a part of Nikki’s Pounamu series. He wears a greenstone Koru symbol, which is based on the unfurling silver fern frond which represents new life. His name was taken from “Willow’s Song” by The Doves." - Nikki


Wild Honey Art reproduces images by Nikki McIvor onto prints, cards and homewares like tea towels, reusable grocery bags and linen napkins.  Our aim - objects that are lovely to use, ecologically responsible and made to last. 

Willow (Cropped) A3 & B3

Option 1
  • Open Edition

    A3 Prints are 297 x 420mm

    B3 Prints are 403 x 560mm 

    Also available in a Large Format print in Cropped format 


    Open Edition digital print

    by artist Nikki McIvor

    “Willow” © 2016


    Note that "Willow" has been cropped to allow her face to be the same size as in other prints, to allow her to be hung alongside other Wild Grey Fox images.  She is available in the original, uncropped size under Large Format Prints. 

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